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Infinite Banking

Yes you heard it right!
You can become your own banker. It’s the way of bridging the digital and physical banking system into a seamless experience. It’s a change to the traditional way of banking, a hassle-free financial life. Leading a relaxed financial life depends on who controls your banking function and how. As if now, people have ceded their responsibility to the Bankers. Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur, an investor the concept of Infinite Banking is for all. Anything you were already doing financially is radically improved when you bring in the concept of becoming your own banker.

How does it benefit the customers?
The Self-service Banking applications enables the customers to carry out the financial transactions as deposit and withdrawal, inquiry, transfer, bill payment, loan, currency exchange, and money management and other customer services from their gadgets from their comfort zone, be it office or their home, anytime anywhere. No more going to the banks and long queues. The applications are user-friendly, uncomplicated and safe with 24X7 customer support.

How does it benefit the banker?
With the right banking self-service application, you can offer more personalized experience for the customers while making your operations easier, more proficient and inexpensive. The Banks can save on work force, infrastructure and transaction costs associated with the branch.

Who we are?

Smilax Software Solutions was launched in 2014, Cochin with a vision to serve the best IT solutions to its customers. We at Smilax, work round the clock to get the best service and timely support to our clientele.

The mission of Smilax is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Banking sector by providing responsible financial services and solutions to small and medium enterprises, using internationally recognized best banking practices. We are committed to delivering value for our clients, stakeholders, employees, and society at large. The mission is based on our values: integrity and openness, professionalism, commitment to customers, teamwork, and social and environmental responsibility.

Smilax operates with a dedicated team of experts with befitting skills and expertise. With our young and experienced IT professionals, we very well adapt ourselves to the fast-growing IT sector.

What we do?

Smilax contributes to represent, lead and serve the banking domain to expedite infinite banking. We will provide you with the best portals to facilitate the self-banking procedures with responsive design, simple and smart UI with 24X7 technical support. The applications will incorporate all the salient features but also will be secured at all levels according to the designations.

Our services include:

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