Our Services

We at Smilax provide aim-oriented, on-time, user friendly simplified solutions. We assure ingenious, innovative and best in industry for all our clients. Smilax has delivered projects in several domains notably in Banking and e-Commerce. Through commercial and research projects, our company has acquired noteworthy and valuable experience and technological knowledge. We provide IT solutions keeping in mind our customer’s demands and Smilax is known for its seamless solutions, timely project delivery and client support. Our value-driven services include

Custom Software Development

Our custom software development services drizzle vibrant colors to your dream! We calibrate your vision with designs, gain trust by fulfilling your needs, execution with planning, and final product with accuracy. More traffic to your application, more the business and we maintain the balance with charm. We deliver a high-quality product that needs low maintenance. We will make sure our custom software development fulfills all major requirements right from Appearance, Connectivity Independence, Responsive Design, Effective Navigation, Browser Consistency in the case of web applications, and Higher User Engagement in particular.

Banking Services

At Smilax we build creative, cohesive software solutions to furnish with an excellent customer-friendly interface, our UI boosts user engagement. We deliver products tailoring to the operational content of the customers. When designing the client-bank interaction process from a user’s outlook, it is vital to not overload the user with unnecessary information. We focus on the necessity of each action performed and streamline the appropriate information without any confusion.

The digital experience assured by Smilax improves business decision-making with insightful data visualization.

Data Analytics

We support you in generating informative visuals for better decision making and to timely detect changes in the business performance. Continuously monitor business parameters with all-inclusive reports. With these reports you will be able to access an elevated depiction in a matter of seconds. We provide a unified view of data for heightened analysis and monitoring.
We provide real time transaction monitoring on the big screen to identify false positives, failed connections, traffic flow pattern recognition etc. Realtime screening of the day-to-day data flow helps monitoring without much human effort.

Application Re-Engineering

We abide by a systematic and progressive approach covering the complete life cycle of the application The performance of the application is persistently overseen for any mishaps. Each phase is developed after strong planning and execution. We deliver reliable and secure products wrought on by the best practices. We have our proven methods of recreating apps. Our extensive experience will provide you with reengineering of applications and help your enterprise to reach the objectives efficiently and effectively.

Application Maintenence & Support

We do full time support, troubleshooting, performance monitoring, application stability. We offer our post application release services to confirm your solution secure, flawless operation and enhanced performance. Our expert squad provides simplified support and maintenance for the projects and allows continuous upgrading and consistency. We prioritize and route our services. Ours is a multi-level support system using remedial, pre-emptive approach across the domains.

UI/UX Services

We, at Smilax understand the importance of an attractive design in the digital world. Our eye catching, pleasant and user-friendly designs are created to meet the needs of the type of business. We combine modern technology and innovative slants to create adaptive designs with cross-platform compatibility.
We provide custom UI designs for our clients with unique interfaces according to their requirements for the products. Our team put the best inputs to meet our client’s expectations.

Why Smilax

The mission of Smilax is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Banking sector by providing responsible financial services and solutions to small and medium enterprises, using internationally recognized best banking practices. We are committed to delivering value for our clients, stakeholders, employees, and society at large. The mission is based on our values: integrity and openness, professionalism, commitment to customers, teamwork, and social and environmental responsibility.

Smilax contributes to represent, lead and serve the banking domain to expedite infinite banking. We will provide you with the best portals to facilitate the self-banking procedures with responsive design, simple and smart UI with 24X7 technical support. The applications will incorporate all the salient features but also will be secured at all levels according to the designations.

Case Studies

Smilax pivot on client requirements. Our success depends on a satisfied customer. Whether they’ve come to us for a software requirement or a holistic change in their IT department, we’ve helped our customers in the best way possible to build their IT system that boosts their business forward. We build and promise our constant support of our services that drive to a data safe flawless product.

Account Aggregator (AA)

Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem is a digital platform to enable easy sharing & consumption of the user's financial data from various entities with explicit user consent. The AA ecosystem helps in seamless, real-time sharing of user’s data between Financial Information Provider (FIP) and Financial Information User (FIU).

Bulk Transaction Processing

You can upload and process files received from corporate customers containing bulk payment initiation requests various formats. You can maintain customer preferences for bulk file handling. Bulk files are parsed, validated and processed so that payments are forwarded to appropriate Networks.


Integrating various Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest (CERSAI) API's for Security addition using multi-level encryption. Out application support both batch upload and real time security creation using API.

UPI Prepaid Voucher

Prepaid e-Voucher is a redeemable payment voucher which be generated by Corporate (B2C) This can be availed by any user who may or may not have a banking relationship. Also, this feature can be offered to a non-UPI user. It is entirely a digital distribution process.

Digital Life Certificate

Aadhaar based Digital Life Certificate for pensioners. Pensioners of central or state government, Employees’ Provident Fund Organization or any other government organization whose pension disbursing agency is live for DLC can take benefit of this facility.

Payment Gateway Monitoring

Download & access from anywhere in the world, create recurring reports, identify missing over or under payments and much more through our system. Review real-time transaction reports across multiple currencies and Merchant IDs. Quickly identify missing over, or under payments

Client's Feedback

We are fortunate to provide and toil alongside some amazing dedicated teams! Quoting a hand full of feedbacks from our invaluable clients.