UI/UX Services
User experience (UX) and UI (User Interface) design are both essential for a product's success. Both have different roles but have a symbiotic connection. UX design precedes UI design. A prodigious end product starts with a great UX design followed by a UI design. Customers need the UI design as they are into the front-end design whereas programmers focus on the UX design which is the backend.
As the theory goes UX design comprises prototyping and interaction design. UX makes the product interface useful. It focuses on developing and refining all facets of the interaction between the products and users. Creating wireframes is a vital part in UX design.
UI design comprises visual/graphic design and interaction design. UI makes the interface attractive. It creates the skin of the product. Designing UI is a vital part of Web development. UI makes a remarkable effect on the total visual experience.
We, at Smilax understand the importance of an attractive design in the digital world. Our eye catching, pleasant and user-friendly designs are created to meet the needs of the type of business. We combine modern technology and innovative slants to create adaptive and responsive designs with cross-platform compatibility. We have a team of talented, creative UI/UX experts with hands-on experience in the design and development. We build a rich responsive user interface using bootstrap, jQuery, html5, css3 etc.
We provide custom UI designs for our clients with unique interfaces according to their requirements for the products. Our team put the best inputs to meet our client’s expectations.
Our services include UX/UI design and Brand Design. We provide the most appropriate outcome for our clientele with constant support for the product quality. We always aspire for customer satisfaction. We focus on our customers’ requirements molded by our sincere efforts and commitment.
Whether the requirement is for an application to be designed from scratch or an upgrade for an existing one, we ensure that the client’s objectives are met. You can entrust your project to deliver an intuitive and aesthetic experience to the end-users of your application. The aim is ultimately generating a product that is beneficial and valuable as well as pleasing to use.