Banking Services
The banking domain embraces all the components required for the smooth functioning of financial services end-to-end. Banking software is the backbone for the creation and management of accounts, transactions, storage of client data, and other reporting tools.
At Smilax we build creative, cohesive software solutions to furnish with an excellent customer-friendly interface, our UI boosts user engagement. We deliver products tailoring to the operational content of the customers. When designing the client-bank interaction process from a user’s outlook, it is vital to not overload the user with unnecessary information. We focus on the necessity of each action performed and streamline the appropriate information without any confusion.
Consumer banking encourages digital self-banking which allows customers to open a bank account from the comfort of their location and the device they use. Simplified access to banking services and abridged time to open an account or make changes to their existing account makes life easier. Collecting and validating information about a customer, reviewing the provided KYC documents within a few minutes by using remote review services from ID, video calls to the customer, and other ways. We provide an easy retail banking experience by customizing the app according to the banker’s requirements.
The digital experience assured by Smilax improves business decision-making with insightful data visualization. The banks serving their corporate clients strive to become a single-source solution providing all the services under one roof for their clients. Business banking is a true digital-banking podium that proposes greater flexibility and efficiency for corporate operations, reducing the costs and time involved in banking and enabling remote working with high levels of security. Technological evolution including artificial intelligence and other technologies such as facial recognition, automation, video calls, and digital KYC checks makes the corporate industry also able to share and authenticate information securely.
The mobile payment method on the consumer side has skyrocketed making banks pay more attention to the forthcoming hazard of digital disruptors. Data security is never compromised and flawless transactions are of prime importance.
Smilax furnishes a tranquil and contented experience to retired bank employees. Employees must produce Life certificates or the Jeevan Pramaan Patra a document of existence for pensioners which acts as proof that he or she is still alive to avail their pension. All the operations can be done by them at the comfort of their home.