Case Studies
Smilax pivot on client requirements. Our success depends on a satisfied customer. Whether they’ve come to us for a software requirement or a holistic change in their IT department, we’ve helped our customers in the best way possible to build their IT system that boosts their business forward. We build and promise our constant support of our services that drive to a data safe flawless product.

Account Aggregator (AA)

Account Aggregator (AA) ecosystem is a digital platform to enable easy sharing & consumption of the user’s financial data from various entities with explicit user consent. It helps businesses and individuals share data in a secure, controlled manner and acts as a common platform for capturing all your financial details in one place.

The AA ecosystem helps in seamless, real-time sharing of user’s data between Financial Information Provider (FIP) (Eg. Banks, Mutual Fund investment, Insurance portfolio, etc.) and Financial Information User (FIU) (Eg. Lending firms, wealth managers, personal finance management apps, robo advisors, etc.) with the consent of the user. The data shared is useful for creating better financial products and services.

Bulk Transaction Processing

You can upload and process files received from corporate customers containing bulk payment initiation requests various formats. You can maintain customer preferences for bulk file handling. Bulk files are parsed, validated and processed so that payments are forwarded to appropriate Networks.

Bulk files are processed by consolidating the transactions into batches based on Network, Debit Account, Value Date, Transfer Currency and Charge Account. Various Reports, Response files can be generated for monitoring purposes. It supports transaction re-processing, failed marking etc.

User can approve or reject entire file or selecting multiple transaction using various search criteria.



Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest (CERSAI) is a central online security interest registry of India. It was primarily created to check frauds in lending against equitable mortgages, in which people would take multiple loans on the same asset from different banks.

Integrating various Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest (CERSAI) API's for Security addition using multi-level encryption. Our application support both batch upload and real time security creation using multi-level encrypted API.

Response files processing/ Satisfaction marking/ Account adding functionalities are available in our application.


UPI Prepaid Voucher

Prepaid e-Voucher is a redeemable payment voucher which be generated by Corporate (B2C) This can be availed by any user who may or may not have a banking relationship. Also, this feature can be offered to a non-UPI user. It is entirely a digital distribution process.

e-vouchers need that the ultimate beneficiary (user of the prepaid voucher) who can either be part or outside the UPI system. The one time use prepaid e-voucher will cater to various use cases such as Covid-19 vaccine/tests, donations, and grocery.

Digital Life Certificate

Government of India, on 10th November 2014 has launched "Jeevan Pramaan" an "Aadhaar based Digital Life Certificate" for pensioners. This initiative is in addition to the existing system of physical submission of Life Certificate by pensioners at the pension disbursing branches or any branch of the Bank at his convenience.

Our Digital Life Certificate Platform provides pensioners to submit their certificate using AADHAAR based authentication and photos using live web cam. Out application can be accessed both from mobile and web.

Payment Gateway Monitoring

Our application provides merchants with a secure browser-based interface for accessing reports, customer enquiries and other administrative functions related to reporting and reconciliation.
  • Download and access reports from anywhere in the world with Internet access
  • Review real-time transaction reports across multiple currencies and Merchants
  • Quickly identify missing over, or under payments
  • Minimize human error across transaction reporting geared to income